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www.sentracomputer.com is not longer under construction!
Finally, www.sentracomputer.com is not only just the logo there hehe... you can find some information about the store, how to contact, and a little price list for computer peripherals. Additional feature will be coming soon!

Posted by Robby at 8:38 AM

Added Album & Track Number for Robby's Lyrics Collection
I've added information about album & track number for the lyrics page. Someday you'll be able to browse the lyrics by their albums.

Posted by Robby at 8:34 AM

Removing Features
Sorry but I have to remove some features 'cause I don't have the time to manage it so that some people take advantage from it. Maybe someday I'll add better features. Any ideas?

Posted by Robby at 8:30 AM

Most Hated Player: Kenyon Martin!

A lot of reasons why I chose K-Mart as my most hated player. He won that category. Congratulations, Martin! He is such a big mouth player.. loves to showoff but not so good in basketball action.. not a sportsman player, he's just a chicken when Nets aren't playing at home. Look at him! Lots of act at home but so quiet when away. What a shame! Just watching him play makes me sick.. I like Kidd, Jefferson, but just because of this one rude player doesn't made me support Nets. So, go Knicks! Beat Nets!

Posted by Robby at 2:14 AM

New Feature: Submit Lyrics

Update lyrics site to 2.78 version. The new feature is now you can submit your favorite lyrics to be added to the database. Although it needs to be reviewed by me first, but at least it's easier for you to submit lyrics. :) Other changes are correction on search with no result, maximum character length on some forms, and background image. Hope you like it.

Now I'm back in Jakarta for another 2 or 3 months ahead. Just taking some courses here. So, NBA Playoffs 2004 has started today. Which is your favorite team? Well, mine is Timberwolves. What an improvement for them this year. Great offense by The Ticket as MVP candidate and Cassell as point guard. Defense by Garnett & Spree is unbelievable. Go, T-Wolves! Hey, what about Kings VS Mavs? Exciting matchup, huh? :)

Posted by Robby at 4:00 PM

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"Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer."

Romans 12:12